Becoming an author is like traveling along a bumpy road full of twists and turns. It’s thrilling, exhausting, complicated, exciting, sometimes all at the same time.

I’m not sure when I first entertained the thought of becoming an author. Perhaps, if I look back through my journals, I could pinpoint exactly when. But the when it not what’s important.  It’s the why. Why did I feel compelled to write, The Gift of I Knowing You?

What’s My Why?

My why is rooted in  the feelings that surfaced when having ordinary conversations. I couldn’t figure out why the same feelings would resurface again and again.  Instantly, I would connect to the rich content within the chapters of their stories.

I come to realize that each of us process and value life differently. The lens by which we view life is created by our experiences. The lens through which I see life is unique to me, just as your lens is crafted just for you.  Every person’s view is uniquely different.

I see the value in all our stories.  That’s my why.

Valuing Our Stories

Valuing our stories and embracing our uniqueness is a gift. It starts within. All our experiences—our defining moments and our unfortunate moments, our setbacks and our comebacks, our  trials and tribulations—have value. Our experiences have shaped who we  are, how we see the world and how we navigate life.

My Mission

My mission and purpose is to help people discover the power and gifts within their stories.  That is why I wrote “The Gift of Knowing You”. Nobody sees the world just like you. Nobody can be a better you.  And, there is only one you!