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5 stars “To say this book was “life changing” is an understatement. Since reading the book and following the prompts, I have been journaling consistently every morning and have gained such insight and clarity to what makes me, me.”

5 stars “Great outlook on the simple things that make us happy.”

5 stars “Extremely helpful in navigating your own life!” I especially liked the journaling assignments to help you go within yourself! The author shares her experiences in each chapter to help you dig digger into your own experiences!”

5 stars “This book awakened a curiosity about myself I never had before.”

5 stars “Easy to Follow & Lifechanging. This book did not disappoint.I really enjoyed the extra resources offered through her website, as well.”

5 stars “Smith-Greene provides a path of thought provoking, practical, and fun exercises that lead to discovering and rediscovering what is personally meaningful and essential.”