List of 2020 Intentions

By late November, early December, I reflect on the year to prepare for the New Year. I review my list of goals and acknowledge what I’ve accomplished. Rather than dwelling on uncompleted tasks, I think about whether they should carry over into the New Year.

My 19 for 2019 list spearheaded by author, Gretchen Ruben contained too many time-consuming tasks. For example, cleaning all the closets in my house was #1 on my list. Instead, each closet should have been a separate list item.  I was so committed; I felt compelled to tackle the last closet on New Year’s Eve.

For 2020, I dialed back the ambition and turn up the intention. I want to concentrate on little things that are important to me and help me be a better me.

Intention #1 – CREATE

Before I started writing my book, The Gift of Knowing You, I loved immersing myself in do-it-yourself and creative projects. I loved refinishing, upcycling and redesigning furniture and dabbling in small home improvement projects. I am passionate about sewing, upholstery, creative journaling and…. the list is endless. Self-expression is important to me. Although I self-express through writing, I find the need to self-express with my hands too. That’s why I am setting the intention to make too. Whether I’m creating with words or raw materials, I find the creative process, from conception to materialization, gratifying and elevating.


Are you like me, do most of your photos live on your phone, laptop or tablet?  Instead of continuing to stockpile my photos on my digital devices, I intend to make a concerted effort to print, frame and/or create an album with some of my memorable photos. If I can make my way to my photo box archives, that would be the icing on the cake.


At home, I have been dabbling in yoga for a while. I got stuck on Day 4 Yoga with Adrienne. Although there are 29 other videos in the series and a wealth of new content, Day 4 just does it for me! I love how it makes me feel and I return to it again and again and again. I will continue doing Day 4 but I intend to explore other yoga experiences inside and outside my home too.

Intention#4 – EAT MORE FRUIT

While I’m good about eating my veggies, my fruit consumption has dwindled drastically. I don’t know why or how that happened. I like bananas and apples but I rarely help myself to the fruit that I bring home regularly from the grocery store. I can’t remember the last time I ate a peach or a plum.  I can do better. I want to do better.  I am setting the intention to include more fruit in my diet.

Well that’s it for me. I’ve set intentions, rather than goals. Four simple intentions for 2020!


Have you set any intentions, goals or resolutions?  What’s on your agenda for 2020?