The Gift of
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Feeling overwhelmed by your busy life?
Always putting yourself last?
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Our authenticity is rooted in our personal stories.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, stay-at-home or work-at-home mom, career woman, career changer, empty nester, caregiver, retiree or _______________ (fill in the blank)—change is inevitable, and challenging. But how well we navigate through our story depends on how well we embrace and value the chapters within our story. The more we know and connect to our deepest self, the better we can maneuver through life’s twists and turns.

Our truest story extends beyond the usual societal labels, beyond your everyday responsibilities, beyond your family role, job title, age grouping, marital status or affiliations; beyond any limited beliefs you may have internalized or neat little boxes you may have settled into.

Sure, I am a wife, mother, sister, auntie, business manager, etc., but who I am—my authentic self—exceeds those roles.

When I’m not busy with the usual everyday responsibilities, you will most likely find me writing or engaging in a maker project. Engaging in the creative process energizes me and allows me to embrace present moments and recognize life’s endless possibilities.

Speaking of possibilities, I wrote The Gift of Knowing You to offer readers a guided journey of self-discovery and connection to their deepest self.

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Sometimes our authentic self gets overshadowed by career, marriage, or mama ‘hood. Or life throws a curve-ball (e.g., illness, divorce, job loss), causing us to lose our way. Or we listened to someone else’s voice or pursued someone else’s dream instead of our own.

Feeling detached? How about reconnecting and Getting to Know You?

Want to explore who you are beyond your everyday roles and responsibilities? Begin examining the layers of your story and discover what makes you, YOU.

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