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Step 1: Start Where You Are

Self-discovery allows you to develop a relationship with your inner self, giving you the opportunity to identify the special qualities that make you who you are.

Openness, honesty, and mindfulness are key to realizing our self-discovery revelations. Mindfulness is staying focused and present with your thoughts while being aware of your interactions and surroundings in real time.  Why did I react that way? Why am I uncomfortable? Why am I sad? Why am I nervous? Why didn’t I stand up for myself? Why does this make me happy? Why am I feeling this way? With mindfulness, you develop the ability to connect the dots between who you are, what matters and why.

Why should you invest time in a personal journey? From experience, I can say self-discovery is definitely worth your time and attention. And the best part is, it’s free!

I’ve spent the better part of my life seeking, questioning and journaling about my life experiences, both good and bad, to gain clarity about who I am, what matters to me and why. Doing so has brought me to a place of inner peace and contentment that makes ordinary living, extraordinary.

Not sure what self-discovery entails or where to begin your self-discovery process? The easiest entry point is to start where you are.

Taking Inventory

Begin by taking inventory of you. Allow yourself some quiet time free of distractions.

To organize your thoughts, you can use the Start Where You Are Mind Map provided in my free Gift of Knowing You Starter Guide.  Mind maps are a great way to document visually your self-discovery thoughts. Grab a pen, some color pencils or markers and let your discoveries begin!

First Steps

Ease into your first step. How would you describe yourself? Start with the simple stuff, your everyday roles and responsibilities: mom, aunt, sister, single, married, job, profession, etc.

Take another step. Think about questions like: What matters to you? What consumes your thoughts? What are your current goals and aspirations? What are your favorite things to do? What causes you to lose track of time?  What brings you joy?

Being mindful of your thoughts and feelings, moment by moment, is a precursor to understanding who you are. When you check in with yourself, give attention to all your thoughts and feelings, you open the door to you.

After completing Step 1,  you can continue on to Step 2: Getting To Know You.