note pad with self-discovery notes

Step 2: Get to Know You

In Step 1: Start Where You Are, I mentioned the importance of mindfulness to the self-discovery process. Another important factor is self-awareness. Self-awareness is the awareness of the personality traits and individuality that make you, YOU. Think of the differentiators that separate you from most.

The qualities that make you unique are the greatness within you. But sometimes our greatness gets dismissed or devalued. Other times, our greatness gets buried, untapped, or ignored, and we must work to bring it to the surface. Gifting yourself your full attention allows you to develop a relationship with your inner self, giving you the opportunity to identify the special qualities that make you who you are.

You are more than your life roles, responsibilities, vocation, financial, or educational achievements. You are more than the awards and accolades bestowed on you or any notoriety you have achieved. While significant life events, achievements, and outside acknowledgments have helped shape who you are, below the surface of those milestones there is more.

The awareness and appreciation of the individual qualities you used to achieve your accomplishments, your outlook on life, how you express yourself, and what you wish to contribute to the world is what matters most. How do you show the world who you are? Through music, dance, drama, art, the spoken or written word, hobbies, crafting, pottery, cooking, baking, gardening? Self-expression requires you to reach inward, reflect, and pay attention to who you are.

Next Steps

Hopefully, you took advantage of my free Discovery Starter Guide and completed your mind map worksheet from Step1. Ready to take your next step? Let’s build upon your initial discoveries and get to know yourself a little better. Channel your self-awareness abilities, connect to your individuality and complete the “Knowing What Makes You,You!” worksheet also found in the guide.

After completing Step 2, continue on to “Step 3: What’s Your Story?” and begin examining the layers of your story.