paper with the word focus


Some people make resolutions, some set goals, some set intentions while others choose a FOCUS word. No matter your preference, all are rooted in what is important to you.  I prefer to set an intention and strengthen my pursuit of my intention with a FOCUS word.

Honestly, it took a great deal of thought and patience to come up with my 2022 focus word. At first, I was getting antsy about not my FOCUS word for January 1.

Here’s what I learned and would like to pass on to you.

When choosing a FOCUS word, don’t pressure yourself to have it ready at a certain date. Instead, be patient and take your time.

Think about what you want more of in your life. Think about what’s in your best interest to leave behind; the baggage that’s weighing you down. Think about what you want to change. All are clues to choosing your focus word.

Most important, give yourself space and time to be still and quiet.  Your focus word will come to you when you’re ready to receive it.

My focus word for 2022 is CARE!

I chose CARE for several reasons:

SELF-CARE starts within

Self-care is the foundation for one’s ability to be their best selves. We can’t be efficient in our life roles and responsibilities if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Spread SELF-CARE message

Its’s easy to put self-care on the back burner. I want to focus on spreading a self-care message so that it becomes a prioritized task, rather than an after-thought. This is especially true for caregivers who tirelessly give of themselves, taking care of loved ones, often at their own expense.

Share what I CARE about

I care about everyone seeing the value in their life story.  It’s why I wrote “The Gift of Knowing You”. I want readers to embrace each chapter of their life journey; to encourage them to reflect on where they’ve been, where they are now and be intentional about where they choose to go.

Create community around what others CARE about

I want to create a  forum where attendees collectively plan, strategize and implement their personal projects and goals and overcome obstacles in a supportive environment.

Next Steps

Now that I have settled on my focus word, I will write it down and  place it where I will see it everyday. That will be my daily reminder to do the work.  Also, I think it would be cool to create some type of graphic visual as well.

How about you. Do you have a focus word for 2022? If not, what is one thing you would like to accomplish this year?