Location: New York, USA

Known For:  Making, just because

Superpower: Creativity

Favorite Quote: “Dwell in possibility”—Emily Dickinson

Personal Philosophy: Happiness is an inside job

Best Advice: Exercise self-love and self-care regularly

I am on a mission to help women embrace and use their life story to discover the unique essence of who they are, what truly matters and where their joy resides.

I love journaling, writing and losing myself in just about any kind of maker activity. I also love being still and paying attention to my thoughts while sipping on some herbal tea. It is at those moments that I am at peace, connecting to my truest self.

But there was a time when unresolved inner turmoil and despair robbed me of my joy. I used my creative super powers to transform the negative narrative implanted in my head by my emotionally abusive father.  

Today, I listen to my cheerleader voice, thrive on internal high fives, and “dwell in possibility” as I find joy in life’s tiniest moments. 

I share my journey as I lead readers on a discovery journey of their own in The Gift of Knowing You. I give readers a framework to connect to the essence of who they are and define what truly matters.

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With Gratitude,