Location: New York, USA

Known For:  Making, just because

Superpower: Creativity

Favorite Quote: “Dwell in possibility”—Emily Dickinson

Personal Philosophy: Happiness is an inside job

Best Advice: Exercise self-love and self-care regularly

I am on a mission to help women embrace and use their life story to discover the unique essence of who they are, what truly matters and where their joy resides.

I love journaling, writing and losing myself in just about any kind of maker activity. I also love being still and paying attention to my thoughts while sipping on some herbal tea. It is at those moments that I am at peace, connecting to my truest self.

But there was a time when unresolved inner turmoil and despair robbed me of my joy. I used my creative super powers to transform the negative narrative implanted in my head by my emotionally abusive father.  

Today, I listen to my cheerleader voice, thrive on internal high fives, and “dwell in possibility” as I find joy in life’s tiniest moments. 

To share my journey in tandem with leading readers on a discovery journey of their own, I wrote The Gift of Knowing You (launching 2021) allowing readers to connect with the essence who they are and define for themselves what truly matters.

If you want to jumpstart your  discovery journey, I invite you to get your free-Gift of Knowing You Starter Guide.

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With Gratitude,